Corporate Publications

Showcasing our future direction and past performance

Our corporate publications provide insight on our annual performance and look forward to our future of providing vibrant precincts that connect people to world class sport and entertainment experiences.

    Annual Reports


    Our Annual Report provides our customers, community and stakeholders with extensive information about our operational and financial performance, as well as our contribution to delivering sport and entertainment opportunities for Western Australians.



    View our plans for the future state of VenuesWest and our venues.

    • 04/01/23 VenuesWest Multicultural Plan 2022-25
    • 12/08/22 VenuesWest Strategic Plan 2022-27
    • 07/06/22 VenuesWest Strategic Plan Summary 2022-27
    • 02/06/22 VenuesWest Disability Access and Inclusion Strategy 2021-26
    • 02/06/22 VenuesWest Strategic Plan Summary 2016-21
    • 02/06/22 VenuesWest Strategic Plan 2016-21
    Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction

    Each year VenuesWest conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey across all its venues to benchmark and assess performance.

     VenuesWest is committed to providing customers with a world class experience every time they visit one of our venues. Each year we obtain feedback from our customers indicating performance across a number of areas including quality of facilities, venue operations, service delivery, catering and customer benefits.

    • 18/07/23 Annual Satisfaction Research Summary 2022-23
    Freedom of Information

    Freedom of Information

    The Freedom of information Act 1992 is intended to make government employees and bodies more accountable to the public, and enable the public to participate more effectively in governing the State. It provides for public access to documents, and to enable the public to ensure that personal information in documents is accurate, complete and up to date.

    COVID-19 Safety Plan


    This document guides our operations through the COVID-19 pandemic.