VenuesWest Community Partner Program


Community Partners program

Issued By: VenuesWest

Closing Time: 5.00pm, Tuesday 31 May 2022

Background and purpose of VenuesWest Community Partners Program

In early 2016, VenuesWest established the VenuesWest Community Partners Program, which saw VenuesWest join with a small and specific group of charity organisations for the 2016/17 financial year offering tailored opportunities and benefits to assist them in achieving their core objectives.  The program has delivered great community outcomes and benefits with a number of different partners since its inception.

Now in its seventh year, VenuesWest is undertaking an Expression of Interest (EOI) process for the VenuesWest Community Partners Program 2022/23 financial year and for the group of chosen charities to receive the benefits for a duration of up to three years (until 2025/26 financial year). The contracts and benefits for each of the successful VenuesWest Community Partners will be reviewed at the end of each year of contract.

As part of the VenuesWest Community Partners Program, the benefits to the successful charities will include:

  • A monthly donation from the VenuesWest staff free dress initiative alternating between each selected charity
  • Acknowledgment as a Community Partner of the venue through VenuesWest marketing channels. For example, digital screen network, website and social media.
  • The cost of venue hire waived for one charity event per year to be held at a VenuesWest self-managed venue.
  • Provision of event tickets at a VenuesWest venue for fundraising purposes
  • Provision of event tickets to use at a case-by-case basis (subject to availability)
  • Promotion of campaigns and events through the VenuesWest database.
  • The opportunity for volunteers to collect donations from patrons at a VenuesWest self-managed event nominated by VenuesWest management.
  • Potential employment opportunities of employment/work experience through a supervised program
  • Opportunities for VenuesWest employees to support the charity by volunteering/assisting.

EOI Process

VenuesWest would like to invite all interested Western Australian registered charities situated in the Perth metropolitan area to submit an EOI.

During the EOI process, a small group of charities will be chosen based on their merits including alignment with VenuesWest’s vision, purpose and objectives, commitment to the charity within their local community and their accessibility to receive such benefits as stipulated above.

Community Partner Program Application