2027 World Police & Fire Games Announcement

In 2027, Perth, Western Australia, is set to welcome up to 20,000 attendees for the 22nd edition of the World Police & Fire Games.

A comprehensive bid to host the event has now been accepted by the World Police & Fire Games Federation. It was presented by the Western Australian Police Sports Federation Inc (WAPSF) in collaboration with the Australian Government, Western Australian Government (through Tourism WA), Western Australia Police Force, Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES), Corrective Services, and with support from the City of Perth and VenuesWest.

The World Police & Fire Games is a multi-sport style event that is run over 10 days, with 65 sporting events across the program, attracting more than 8500 athletes, representing in excess of 70 countries.

The inclusive nature of the event invites active, retired, or volunteer members from Police, Fire Services, Corrections, Customs, and Emergency Services to take part.

Beyond the competitive and friendly sports, the program will include various social, legacy, and community events, enhancing the overall experience for participants and spectators.

The World Police and Fire Games is traditionally held every two years and will take place at venues across Perth in March 2027.

This major international event pays tribute to and acknowledges the selfless commitment of global First Responders, including volunteers, in serving communities and humanity.

Notably, it is expected to inject tens of millions of dollars into the Western Australian economy.

Perth's hosting marks the third time an Australian city has held this prestigious event, following Melbourne in 1995 and Adelaide in 2007.

For more information about the World Police & Fire Games, visit https://cpaf.org/wpfg-history/

Quotes attributable to WA Deputy Premier and Minister for Tourism, Rita Saffioti:

“Western Australia will indeed capture the attention of the global audience as twenty thousand individuals, including athletes, coaches, family members and friends converge on our city to participate in the World Police & Fire Games in 2027.

“We've experienced an amazing year filled with world-class events, and it's truly exciting to unveil yet another significant occasion happening in Western Australia, securing one of the largest international mass-participation events.

“Incorporating a large-scale event such as the World Police & Fire Games aligns with our State's overarching events and tourism strategies. We recognise that these events consistently yield substantial economic benefits for the state and create a lasting social legacy.

“We are aware that numerous participants view events like this as a chance to explore new destinations. Thus, I sincerely hope and encourage those traveling to Perth in 2027 to prolong their stay, transforming it into a vacation and discovering the beauty our state has to offer.

Quotes attributable to WA Minister for Police and Corrections, Paul Papalia:

“The 2027 World Police & Fire Games gives Western Australians the chance to support the health and wellness of our frontline workers who make sacrifices every day when they turn up to protect our community.

“This spectacular event provides an international platform to showcase the WA Government to global law enforcement and emergency services jurisdictions as a world-class employer.  This will significantly assist with retention in the current employment market, highlighting the WA Police Force and Corrective Services as ‘more than a job’.

“What a great opportunity to celebrate and champion our frontline heroes.

“Hosting this event provides a clear message of support to our people that the State Government and the WA community supports our people, champion their sacrifices, and acknowledge their contributions to the WA community.

Quotes attributable to WA Minister for Emergency Services, Stephen Dawson:

“We are excited to welcome our frontline brothers and sisters to Perth in 2027 and make lifelong friendships.

“The World Police & Fire Games is a fantastic opportunity for all DFES personnel to be involved in this global event and have the ability to demonstrate their teamwork and skills competing in the fire events or team events, or to just be involved in one of the many social events to meet fellow first responders from around the world.

“It is a chance for all our frontline personnel to come together, to compete, to socialise, to take a break from the complex and dynamic environments of their everyday workplaces.

Quotes attributable to World Police & Fire Games Federation Director, Mr Danny Bodycoat:

“I am thrilled to announce that Perth has been selected as the host for the 2027 World Police & Fire Games.

“This remarkable achievement is the result of an exceptional site inspection and a compelling bid book, supported wholeheartedly by the State Government, through WA Police Force, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Corrective Services, Tourism WA, VenuesWest, and the City of Perth.

“The collaborative effort showcased the unity and commitment of the Western Australia bid team to host this prestigious international event, aided by the significant infrastructure development spearheaded by the State Government over the past decade.

“This announcement marks a momentous occasion, positioning Perth on the global stage to prepare to welcome the world's first responders, showcasing the city's capabilities and celebrating the spirit of camaraderie.