Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

VenuesWest is committed to supporting Reconciliation in WA through building strong and respectful partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) outlines the initiatives we will deliver in support of our commitment to reconciliation by highlighting respect, recognition and acceptance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories and cultures.

The development of this RAP represents the start of our commitment towards creating a more inclusive and culturally aware organisation that provides equity, equality and institutional integrity. ‘Reflect’ is one of the four RAP types in the RAP Framework, and this RAP will lay strong foundations for reconciliation that we can further develop over years to come. 

This RAP has been developed in association with Kooya Consultancy and is endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. A special thank you to Perth artist J.D. Penangke for her artwork titled Doorndjil Yoordaniny. The concept of this artwork is 'bringing people together' which is symbolic of VenuesWest as a provider of gathering places and the role it plays in creating a sense of community through the celebration of people and sport.

VenuesWest is a proud member of Reconciliation WAReconciliation WA


For more information on our Reconciliation Plan, journey or initiatives please contact us on the details below. 
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