We value your input to the SAM Plan and will utilise your requests in balancing the overall capital investment across our venues.

Based on pre-approved Treasury funding for the 2019/20, 2020/21 and 2021/22 financial years, VenuesWest will develop a three year rolling capital works program which will include approved project requests that span the three financial years.

This means that the evaluation will consider requests across these financial years and ensure programming is sensitive to priorities, funding and specific requirements.

The following chart represents this approach; where each chevron depicts the project phase of the project and indicates where in some cases projects will be delivered across financial years as follows:


The evaluation of project requests will continue to be based on approved SAM Plan Investment Categories and the Venue Visions.

SAM Plan Investment Categories

All projects are allocated across five investment categories which are used to guide investment decisions. The SAM Plan category percentages approved for the 2019/20 year as follows;

Category Description Target % of Total Budget
1: Improved customer experience 
  • The intent of this category is to provide facilities and services that meet the needs and expectations of a growing and diverse customer base with a focus on: Technology, Services, Customer & Stakeholder Feedback
  • Aligned to Strategic Objective 1: Deliver outstanding customer experiences
2: Safety, building services and compliance
  • The intent of this category is to ensure VenuesWest strategically manage and develop our infrastructure, buildings and facilities to ensure they are safe, secure & fit for purpose
  • Aligned to Strategic Objective 2: Ensure our portfolio of sport and entertainment venues is fit for purpose and
  • Aligned to Strategic Objective 5: Secure World Class Events
3: Environmentally sustainable operations 
  • The intent of this category is to implement the environmental strategy and influence sustainable design & development when upgrading facilities
  • Aligned to Strategic Objective 2: Ensure our portfolio of sport and entertainment venues is fit for purpose
4: Productivity and non-commercial capacity enhancement 
  • The intent of this category is to manage assets to ensure they are used to their optimum and ensure efficient service capacity to respond to changing needs.
  • Aligned to Strategic Objective 3: Engage a Workforce that is aligned, highly capable and adaptable;
  • Aligned to Strategic Objective 5: Secure World Class Events
5: Improving commercial outcomes
  • The intent of this category is to support increased revenue generation through the delivery of venues, facilities and programs that meet or exceed market needs.
  • Aligned to Strategic Objective 4: Realise commercial success to subsidise high performance sport and enable
    reinvestment into our venues
  • Aligned to Strategic Objective 5: Secure World Class Events


To submit your capital requests please complete the form below.

Important notes for developing your capital project submission:

  • If you have submitted a project request previously and it has not been approved you will need to re-submit it. For a list of previously submitted projects from your organisation please contact Jen Skipworth, Manager Capital Projects.
  • Jen can be reached at jen.skipworth@venueswest.wa.gov.au, 9441 8392 or 0422 944 724
  • When developing your request it is advisable to include any known event dates that the request may be needed for, such as the date for an upcoming sporting competition or if your request is weather dependent. There is a new field in the form where you can enter date information. This is important information that will assist us in evaluating your project request.
  • When determining the required year and month for completion of your project request, consider the timeframes needed to deliver the request. Project phases help to determine the optimum delivery timeframe and are important to consider when determining the month and year for completion. In general, project phases include time to complete scoping, design, tendering and delivery of the final result. If you are unsure, please email or call Jen Skipworth, Manager Capital Works. Jen will guide you through the process.
  • It is very important you consider and include the full cost to deliver the project request. For example: If your request is to procure new equipment, consider if the equipment requires a power source and/or will there be transport/supply/delivery charges associated with the new equipment? All potential costs must be included in the form to ensure sufficient funds to complete the project. If it is found there are insufficient funds to cover the full cost to complete the project, the project may need to be deferred to a future year or deleted.
  • If you have any questions about the level of detail needed please do not hesitate to contact Jen Skipworth by phone or email.


For queries relating to the SAM Plan and capital expenditure please contact Jen Skipworth, Capital Projects Manager on 9441 8392 or jen.skipworth@venueswest.wa.gov.au

Stakeholder Capital Expenditure Request

What are the intended outcomes of the request?

Include all items likely to make up the total cost eg engineering, architectural, installation, supply

Format: month year eg April 2020