We are always focused on the safety of all visitors to our venues.

Navigating a busy car park, with moving cars and buses, can be hazardous. The inherent risk presented by moving vehicles and busy car parks combined with high levels of foot traffic and children using the venue is a very real issue.

We have invested in infrastructure changes within our car parks over the last couple of years which have helped to reduce this risk.

While we appreciate that sometimes finding a car park can take time, it is important that all patrons abide by the safety signage that is installed in all our car parks.

Commencing Friday 21 August, anyone parking their car or using the car park in contravention of signage and/or standard road rules will be issued with a caution notice.

After four weeks these caution notices will no longer be issued, and it is our hope that the message regarding safety will have been received by all.  Infringement notices will then be issued to non-compliant users of the car park.  Infringement notices will carry a penalty of $100 for offences including;

  • Parking in an unapproved area
  • Obstructing another vehicle
  • Parking on pedestrian crossings or footpaths
  • Parking in ACROD bays without the appropriate pass
  • Parking across more than one bay
  • Leaving a car unattended in a drop off zone

Safety is always our highest priority and we hope that this additional measure will assist us in providing a safer environment for all visitors.

 We thank you for your cooperation in abiding by the car park signage and in helping keep our venues safe.