VenuesWest Chairman Graham Partridge said that the WA Athletics Stadium would be managed in the same sustainable model as its other venues. 

VenuesWest was named Overall Energy Champion in 2008 by the Office of Energy having saved enough energy to power 8000 homes for a year with a 47% reduction in 5 years.  

“It is milestones like this that show VenuesWest is an energy efficient venue manager committed to sustainability,” Mr Partridge said. “We integrate environmental considerations into the planning and operations of our venues.”  

“VenuesWest will approach the management of the WA Athletics Stadium in the same way and ensure we take right energy efficient steps.”  

The State Athletics Stadium has been built with sustainability as a major consideration including;

  • Mixed mode ventilation in offices saving 800kg of CO2 per annum
  • Low energy lighting
  • Solar panels on the roof
  • Rain water collection
  • Recycled grey water for gardens
  • Double skin roof on grandstand
  • Excavated limestone for road base
  • Drought resistant grass

 VenuesWest has over 20 years in management of major sporting, entertainment and recreational venues.

One of the major innovations to achieve the VenuesWest Energy Champion Award was installation of the state’s largest environmentally friendly and sustainable geothermal heating system to heat Challenge Stadium pools. This brings the water up from 700 metres underground to heat the water for the aquatic centre.

The awards for the system included included Environmental Design Gold Award from the International Institute of Consulting Engineers.

The other measures to achieve the VenuesWest reductions included;

  • Solar heating systems
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Better air conditioning controls and building management systems
  • Energy efficient chillers
  • Variable speed drives on pool pumps and air handling unit fans
  • Replacement of opaque roof skylights
  • Pool blankets

VenuesWest also reduced water consumption by 25% or 30,212 tonnes in the last 5 years. This equates to about 1000 backyard pools. “The state must have a sustainable approach to venues,” Mr Partridge said. “VenuesWest looks forward to continuing to lead the way.”