WA based athletes can train and compete in their home State and pathways for international competition and team selection are optimised through benefits received, and where alignment with the sports national performance pathways is sound.

The new VenuesWest High Performance Sport Strategy is now available for comment and feedback.

The Strategy's purpose is to:

  • ensure that high performance sports are supported through subsidy, priority access and capital investment;
  • directly contribute to the achievements of WA athletes and the broader economy;
  • ensure continued relevance in the sporting environment;
  • guide and support the alignment of long term master planning of venues and precincts with evolving needs of sport; and
  • ensure sustainable and agile approach to the support of high performance sport and its athletes.

Many of our key stakeholders have contributed significantly to the creation of this strategy and we are offering one last opportunity to provide specific commentary.

You can access a draft version of the strategy and following the link below.

To provide specific feedback before 5 November, please complete the linked survey.