Alcohol promotions will cease and at least 5% of all event seating at most of the State's major sporting venues will be alcohol free under a new sponsorship arrangement between Healthway and Venues West.

The move means that the two million plus visitors to State-owned sporting facilities will no longer see signage and other promotions for alcohol and that non-alcoholic and low alcohol drink options are readily available.

Sporting facilities involved in the deal include Challenge Stadium, Midvale SpeedDome, Arena Joondalup, WA Athletics Stadium and the WA Basketball Centre. The two year sponsorship will also see the percentage of alcohol free seating doubled at those venues in the second year.

The five venues attract a combined total of around 2 million visitors annually. The approximate breakdown of attendances by venue is Challenge Stadium (865,000), Midvale Speeddome (25,000), Arena Joondalup (952,000), WA Athletics Stadium (100,000) and the WA Basketball Centre (164,000).

The Chair of Healthway's Board, Dr Rosanna Capolingua, said that the sponsorship was a major step towards limiting the impact of alcohol being promoted through sport.

“Too often, we are seeing sport being used to promote alcohol through sponsorship of teams and clubs and through signs and other promotions at venues,” Dr Capolingua said.

“There is a strong connection between the promotion of alcohol and binge drinking, especially among young people.

“This sponsorship is a win-win situation for Venues West and for all the people who visit those sporting facilities.”

The agreement includes contributing to a healthier experience for all customers with significant increases in healthy green' food everywhere from banquets to vending machines and reductions in promotion of red food products and alcohol. The agreement will significantly extend the no smoking areas and provision of double the required number of free water outlets.

Challenge Stadium, Arena Joondalup, WA Athletics Stadium, WA Basketball Centre and Midvale Speeddome are all part of the agreement.

VenuesWest Chairman Graham Partridge said that as Western Australia's provider of premier sports, recreation and education venues this sponsorship is an important part of the organisation's evolution in its leadership role in the community.

“There were 2945 events with 130,507 total hours of bookings across VenuesWest's five self managed operating venues in 2010/11. VenuesWest has taken a very proactive stance in the health, safety and well being of 100,000's of customers who choose our venues for a huge range of purposes from sports like swimming and basketball, to entertainment with concerts and banquets along with a vast range of community uses,” he said.

Given VenuesWest's commitment to delivering quality sporting, recreational and entertainment experiences and Healthway's commitment to supporting healthy lifestyles it was a natural partnership that will benefit our customers and Western Australians generally.

We have really transformed our thinking at VenuesWest in terms of how we deliver food and beverage services and we think this experience will see us as the market leader in terms of supporting healthy lifestyles in the events we deliver without any compromise on the high standards we set for ourselves,” he said.

VenuesWest is Western Australia's provider of premier sports, recreation and entertainment venues and its portfolio includes Perth Arena, Challenge Stadium, Arena Joondalup. WA Athletics Stadium, WA Basketball Centre, Midvale Speeddome, WA Rugby Centre and Perth Motorplex.