Work at the SpeedDome is progressing according to schedule.

The replacement of the roof was completed in early May and includes multiple skylights running nearly the entire width of the roof, allowing more natural light into the venue.

Running alongside the roof works the old track was chain sawed into 2m sections, then rolled into bundles and forklifted into the outside storage area. Several groups with connections to the venue have since claimed pieces of the track as memorabilia.

The day after the roof was completed, installation of the new track commenced. The track is made of Siberian Pine and arrived in five shipping containers from Germany. Prior to being packed, the entire track was assembled to ensure correct curves and shape before being dismantled for transport.

The highly specialised track installation team flew in from Germany and will work around the clock to complete the work as soon as possible.

The track was completed on 12 June 2017 after which the venue will re-open to select user groups. While the track was usable as soon as installed, further work has been scheduled including replacement of barriers, repainting of the cycle safety zone and resurfacing of the roller skate rink.

Until the safety barriers are fully installed the track cannot be used for cycling purposes.

A new way finding system will also be implemented, with all key access points and areas within the venue clearly marked for an enhanced experience for venue users and spectators.

It is planned that the venue will re-open mid-August with all areas of the venue completely operational.

Thank you to all venue customers for your patience during these works, we can’t wait to see you all back racing on the new track.