• Optus Stadium's newest and most exhilarating rooftop attraction, VERTIGO, is now open to people of all abilities
  • New equipment has been installed to allow wheelchair users to experience VERTIGO
  • Optus Stadium's rooftop experiences are the first in the country to be wheelchair accessible

Following the opening of Optus Stadium's VERTIGO rooftop experience in March, the experience is now open to people of all abilities.

New safety equipment and harnesses allow wheelchair users to remain in their wheelchair while suspended 42 metres above the field of play.

The lift from Level 5 of the stadium to the rooftop can comfortably accommodate two wheelchairs at a time or a wheelchair user and their companion.

The Western Viewing Deck can accommodate up to 50 people, including eight wheelchairs, with two able to experience VERTIGO in a single experience. VenuesLive technical staff offer an individual approach to ensure each person's specific requirements are met.

VERTIGO joins Optus Stadium's other rooftop experiences, including the Western Viewing Deck and HALO rooftop tour, in being accessible to people using wheelchairs or with mobility requirements.

Optus Stadium is the first stadium in Australia to offer people of all abilities access to its rooftop experiences.

VERTIGO allows fans to venture several metres beyond the edge of the stadium roof. Harnessed from above and with no handrails, the more daring can also hang suspended above the platform.

Throughout the development of the stadium, a key priority of the State Government was to ensure the rooftop experiences would be accessible to as many people as possible, aligning with the 'fans first' approach that guides all aspects of venue operations.

Along with the rooftop attractions and precinct activities already available, this addition to VERTIGO ensures that Optus Stadium and the surrounding Stadium Park are fast becoming Perth's number one entertainment destination.

Wheelchair users and those with accessibility requirements should contact THE OZONE directly to make a booking to ensure their individual requirements are safely accommodated.


Comments attributed to Sport and Recreation Minister David Templeman:

"Optus Stadium is a world-class sport and entertainment venue and is now proudly the first in Australia to provide accessible stadium rooftop experiences.

"Optus Stadium truly is a multi-purpose venue, catering for sport and music fans, and now thrill-seekers of all abilities.

"I commend VenuesWest and VenuesLive in delivering this unique experience and considering the needs of all visitors to the stadium."


Comments attributed to Disability Services Minister Don Punch:

"Optus Stadium is leading the way in creating accessible stadium rooftop experiences for all thrill-seeking Western Australians and visitors to WA.

"Thousands of Western Australians with disability or mobility issues require wheelchair accessible options, and it is great to see Perth's iconic Optus Stadium building inclusivity with new accessible experiences."


Image: Dual Paralympian Amber Merritt with Minister Punch.