Local suppliers have been busy preparing for this week’s inaugural WA-hosted AFL Grand Final, with tonnes of ingredients making their way to Optus Stadium.


The 2021 AFL Grand Final this Saturday will be one of the biggest and most nationally significant sporting events to be held in WA, creating a huge task for the stadium’s suppliers.


There are at least eight local suppliers that are providing ingredients to cater for 61,266 fans - plus staff - at the big game this weekend.


There are tonnes of supplies required, covering everything from local vegetables, meats, bakery items to spices and frozen goods.


Among the suppliers in Western Australia are:

  • New West Foods, a family run business in Malaga, supplying around 9,000kg of potato chips, 6000 pieces of flathead fish, 12,000 units of party pies, 14,000 chicken wings and 500 freshly cooked Western Australian Rock Lobster from Cervantes;
  • Smorgasbord, supplying tonnes of WA-grown fresh vegetables processed to stadium specification, including 600kg of cubed pumpkin;
  • The Mill Bakery in Bibra Lake, supplying fresh bread for all stadium events;
  • The Spice Merchant, supplying 100kg of spices and producing 10,000 Naan breads.
  • Cheeky Brothers, producing up to 4000 pizzas;
  • Total Food Distributors, supplying whole cuts of beef, pork and lamb.


Meanwhile, the Optus Stadium loading dock is receiving up to six truck deliveries an hour for the rest of the week. 


It is estimated the sell-out crowd at Optus Stadium this weekend will drink approximately 130,000 cups of beer and consume some 23,000 pies and 7,000 hotdogs.


Around 2,600 staff will work the day with the first starting at 3am to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible.


Comments attributed to Sport and Recreation Minister Tony Buti:


“Western Australians have generated a wave of enthusiasm for the first Perth-hosted AFL Grand Final, which will benefit everything from grassroots football to the local butcher.


“Grand final tickets sales, spending at local shops and the scramble for game day plans shows Western Australia’s passion for AFL is unmatched.


“There’s set to be a massive boost to local retailers, with NAB predicted West Australians will splurge $200 million between Thursday and Sunday to cater for grand final celebrations.


“To all the local businesses and staff involved in making this historic occasion happen – we thank you all.”


Comments attributed to Small Business Minister Reece Whitby:


“WA small businesses have a once in a lifetime opportunity to cash in as Grand Final fever grips the state like never before.


“Business is expected to boom – and it won’t be limited to suppliers providing food to Optus Stadium, as punters flock to pubs and AFL Grand Final parties kick off in homes right around WA.


“NAB predicts hungry footy fans will spend $52 million at supermarkets and butchers on Saturday alone – with a further $10 million at liquor stores.


“It’s an exciting time for local small businesses and I can’t wait to see all their hard work pay off as Western Australians celebrate a historic Perth grand final.”