Winning an Olympic gold medal, securing a spot on a national team or winning first place in the State Championships does not just happen by accident. It takes a number of committed and hardworking individuals, targeted and qualified organisations and yes, money to make it happen.

However, it all starts with a dream.

Before a dream is realised, VenuesWest has already crafted the pathway for a dream to turn into reality by providing both bourgeoning and established athletes access to world class venues with world class competition standards.

In essence, VenuesWest champions dreams by facilitating pathways for athletes to excel in their chosen sport.

One such dream was of a young girl learning how to play netball at her local recreation centre to now being recognised as one of the greatest netball defenders in Australia.

West Coast Fever Captain Courtney Bruce followed her dream of one day leading her team to victory and Courtney is well on her way to achieving this.

This pathway continues to be supported through the provision of three world class and high-performance venues, the State Netball Centre, RAC Arena as well as HBF Arena, which has assisted Courtney with netball training before the SNC was redeveloped.

VenuesWest is also actively supporting Courtney Bruce to achieve her dreams of one day receiving a Suncorp Super Netball Premiership and to be part of a World Cup Team with the Samsung Diamonds through the VenuesWest Ambassador Program.

Through this program a small selection of elite athletes receive sponsorship towards training and competition expenses helping them to get a step closer to achieving their goals.

To get to know more about Courtney Bruce we asked her six questions.

1. What do you love about netball?
The thing I love most about netball is the friendships, I am lucky that I get to play, train and travel with some of my closest friends, there is something really special about that. I also love how much the sport continually challenges me to grow and adapt my game, there is always a new and exciting challenge.

2. How did you get into this sport?
I got into netball because my mum played and she wanted all three of us girls to play. We just started playing down at our local recreation centre. I took a little bit of break from netball when I was younger and picked it back up when I was about 12/13 and that was because I was shy and my parents wanted me to get out of my comfort zone. 

3. What is your long-term goal?
My long-term goal is to win a Suncorp Super Netball Premiership with the West Coast Fever, being a proud West Australian, wining a premiership with the club would mean the absolute world to me. I would love to be a part of World Cup Team with the Samsung Diamonds.

4. Who do you see as the most influential person in your life?
There have been many people who have had an influence on my life, I am a firm believer that to get to where I am today, so many special people have helped me out in the right moments. First and foremost would have to be my parents, they are both extremely supportive and allowed me to make my own decisions and grow and learn from them. Growing up as a junior, three ladies from my association Southern Districts jump to mind, Sue Scott, Nicki Prothero and Bev Gallagher. They took me under their wings and helped me progress through the pathway. Lastly all the staff and players at West Coast Fever and the Diamonds, netball has a family feel and every player and staff member just wants to see each girl grown and be the best they can be.

5. Has a VenuesWest owned venue such as the State Netball Centre, RAC Arena or HBF Arena supported you with achieving your goals at a grassroots level?
The State Netball Centre has helped me profusely to achieve my goals, it is our home base for the West Coast Fever and being able to have the office, netball courts and gym all in one spot has helped me take my game to a new level and the sport to a new level of professionalism. Growing up, HBF Arena played a huge role in my development, the Western Australian Institute of Sport was based out of there, and it helped shape me into the player I am today.

6. How has Netball WA supported you with achieving your goal in coaching?
Netball WA has a strong pathway and I am one of those pathway athletes, I have played for Fever since I was 16, so I am entering my 9th season with the club and I know I wouldn’t be here without there constant support over the years. Netball WA and West Coast Fever have supported me in my junior years by sending me off to underage nationals and helped build me into the holistic athlete I am.

As part of this series we also interviewed aspiring netballer Devon Johnson from Joondalup Netball Association.