VenuesWest welcomes two new Board members

Two new members have been appointed to the VenuesWest Board.

Susan Hunt for a two year term to 30 June 2018; and
Alex McKenzie for a one year term to 30 June 2017

Susan has been the Chief Executive Officer of Perth Zoo since 2004, and will bring with her a wealth of commercial and facilities management expertise. Susan has also been President of the World Association of Zoos and Aquaria since 2015 and was awarded a Public Service Medal in 2010 for her outstanding contribution to conservation and public service.

Alex McKenzie, until his recent retirement, spent over 25 years as Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Life Saving Society of WA. His extensive involvement in lifesaving and long standing commitment to aquatic safety are very relevant to our organisation and he also brings a strong background in compliance, auditing and strategic planning.

Of course the confirmation of new appointments also heralds the need to farewell two outgoing Board members whose terms had expired – Ken McAullay and Rob Didcoe.

Ken McAullay has been on the VenuesWest Board for over six years and has seen significant growth in both our organisation and the venue portfolio over those years. He was involved in a number of key decisions during this time, including the appointment of AEG Ogden as Manager of Perth Arena, our appointment as governance agency for the Perth Stadium, and the selection of VenuesLive as future operator of that venue, to name but a few. His Chairmanship of the Audit Finance and Governance (AFG) committee of the Board since 2012 is a testament to Ken’s particular focus on governance.

Rob Didcoe joined the Board in late 2014. During this time Rob’s knowledge of state sporting facilities, government policy and building management was of considerable value to the Board in the decisions it had to make. His input, analysis and questioning on complex matters was thought provoking and helped considerably with Board deliberations.