This summer will see big things for Arena Joondalup according to VenuesWest Chairman Graham Partridge.

“VenuesWest will follow the $ 1 million winter aquatic centre refurbishment with an autumn fitness centre renovation,” Mr Partridge said.

The popular fitness centre will see a complete revitalisation of the décor and fit out.

The revitalisation will mean a major $170,000 equipment upgrade which includes some of the industries newest equipment as well as some old favourites

This will mean the fitness centre will be closed for about 1 week to 2 weeks in April. Arena Joondalup will continue to offer group fitness and aquatics as well as conducting additional training sessions for members utilising the outdoor area and also having supervised advertised times with a continuous circuit style workout.

The new equipment will include

  • New strength equipment from Life Fitness Pro Series and Signature series from Gymcare
  • New Synergy 360 multi station frame (for the circuit area to replace all the current pin loaded machines and Olympic benches)
  • Kettle bells and RIP suspension training system

The VenuesWest will introduce a great many new programmes as part of the new equipment

A couple of these new products will be

  • A new verandah outdoor training zone
  • Outdoor boot camp
  • Functional training courses in suspension and kettle bell training
  • Small group personal training using the Synergy system

Expanding and evolving fitness programmes is a major target for VenuesWest and we need to ensure we have an extensive range with something that suits everyone.

“A major study of users in VenuesWest venues in 2012 revealed that 83% of

people say they are worried about the issue of obesity in Australia which is further evidence that we need a current state of the art fitness centre,” Mr Partridge said.

Whilst the majority of respondents identify poor eating and lack of exercise as the major causes of obesity, 70% rated emotional eating (eating when depressed, stressed, happy etc) as a cause.

Obesity specific health programmes were needed in public venues according to more than 50% of those surveyed.

“VenuesWest is looking to the future with a proposal on the table to further expand the fitness centre and the group fitness room which is the busiest in WA with more than 80 classes,” Mr Partridge said.

“Hopefully with the growth in the geographical area and the growth in the need for fitness centres we too will expand in the future to stay in line with all the growth.”