The Perth Arena is taking shape, with abseiling tradesmen fitting a new facade to the building in a delicate exercise that combines expert workmanship and supreme balance.

VenuesWest Chairman Graham Partridge said the abseiling works started in October 2011, under strict safety controls and are due to be complete in May 2012.

“The work requires specialist tradesmen who are also skilled abseilers to install the fittings and materials with pin-point accuracy while hanging 40m above the ground,” he said.

Up to eight abseiling tradesmen at a time are fitting cladding, support fixings and weather proof sheeting to the facade of the oddly shaped building, which was inspired by a mathematical challenge known as the Eternity Puzzle.

“The best view of their work is the Beacon - a diamond-shaped element near the Mitchell Freeway - as other areas are not visible from the street,” Mr Partridge said.

Recent works on the Perth Arena include:

- installing permanent power to the building;
- erecting the roof;
- completing structural steel work for the Beacon; and
- completing sculptural pipe work on the north-side.

Tradesmen are also working on the fit outs of various bars, concession areas and major public spaces, as well as doing external landscaping and adding final finishes to the car park.

The state-of-the-art indoor sporting and entertainment arena is expected to be complete toward the end of this year and has been designed to operate with a capacity of up to 15,500 people, with 500 of these in corporate areas.