From Friday 1 December 2017 we are making some changes to the types of gym membership available at HBF Arena and HBF Stadium.
For the majority of our members, there will be no changes to your current membership agreement.

From 1 December all gym memberships will include full access to the gym, group fitness classes and the pools.

The previous options of VIP, Select and Gym Only will no longer be offered.


Q       What is a Universal Membership?

A       From 1 December the structure of our gym memberships is changing. All new memberships from this date will be Universal, giving members access to gym, pool and classes. The old VIP, Select and Gym Only memberships will no longer be available. Learn more about Universal Membership at HBF Arena and Universal Membership at HBF Stadium.


Q       Will my current membership change?

A       No, your current membership agreement will remain valid until it expires. If you are an Upfront member renewing your membership after December 1 you will move to the new membership structure and will be required to sign a new Universal Membership Agreement.

If you are a Direct Debit member you will stay on your current membership option unless you choose to transfer to the new structure. Should you cancel your current membership agreement at any time and then wish to re-join, it will be under the new membership structure.


Q       Why change the membership structure?

A       It will mean a simpler and more streamlined venue access system for members.


Q       What’s in it for me?

A       From as little as an extra $2.50/week, existing Select Members can upgrade to a Universal Membership and gain access to another service. That’s great value if you have been thinking you need to add variety and a cross training element to your weekly workout program.

For example: Select Membership

Gym + Pool:        access yoga classes (save $13.00 per week)

Gym + Classes:   add swimming (save $3.50 per week)

Classes + Pool:  add a resistance session in the gym (save $18.00 per week)


Q       Can I transfer my current membership to a Universal Membership?

A       Yes, speak to one of our friendly Gym Reception staff who will be able to assist.


Q       I currently have a VIP Direct Debit Membership but see an equivalent membership is being offered at $1 a week cheaper. Can I transfer to this cheaper all inclusive membership?

A       The 12 months Universal membership is based on a minimum term of 12 months. You can transfer your current VIP Direct Debit Membership to the 12 Months Universal on a 12 month minimum contract.


Q       What if I don’t want to sign up to a Universal Membership?

A        Your current membership agreement will remain unchanged after the introduction of the Universal Membership. It will be business as usual for you. If you pay for your membership upfront, you will need to move to the Universal Membership when it’s time to renew.  

If you are a Direct Debit member and you wish to change your membership type, the Universal Membership will be the only option available. Should you cancel your current membership at any time and then wish to re-join, it will be under the new membership structure.


Q       Do I need to do anything?

A       No, you do not need to take any action if you wish to keep your current membership. When an upfront membership agreement is due for renewal, you will need to renew under the new membership structure and complete a new membership agreement.

If your membership has expired you will need to rejoin under the new structure and agreement.


Q       I have a 70+ Membership. Will this change too?

A       The specialty 70+ Membership will remain unchanged in the new structure. Existing and new 70+ members will enjoy the same membership benefits that currently apply.


Q       Will you still offer a FIFO/Corporate Membership?

A       These specialty memberships will still be available. If you have any enquires please speak to one of our Gym Membership Officers.