All licensees are required to demonstrate their ability to provide their activity or event in compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Licensees are required to complete an OSH Assessment. There are four different assessments from tier 1+ to tier 3 depending on the nature of your activity or event. Your VenuesWest contact will advise you which assessment you need to complete. 

You may also need to complete other documentation such as agreeing to Contractor Safety Rules. All of the required documentation for each tier is given in the drop down boxes below. You only need to meet the requirements for one of these tiers.

Instructions on how to submit your documents are given at the bottom of this page. 

Please make sure you have reviewed the information on the Contractor & Licensee Requirements Overview page before completing these forms. 

Tier 1+ Licensee OSH Requirements

Tier 1 Licensee OSH Requirements

Tier 2 Licensee OSH Requirements

Tier 3 Licensee OSH Requirements

Tier 3 licensees need to:

  • Print and complete the Tier 3 Licensee OSH Assessment
  • Review the VenuesWest Operational Risk Register (this will be supplied by your VenuesWest contact)
  • Complete a risk management plan for your activity/event if your activity/event has additional risks not included in the operational risk register. (If you do not already have your own risk management plan, you may use the template provided below. Please note that VenuesWest does not accept any responsibility for any risks you fail to adequately control or mitigate using this template).
  • Review the VenuesWest Safety Presentation.

Submitting your documents by email

To submit the documents to VenuesWest via email:

  • Print the required assessment template.
  • Complete the form and collect all required documentation i.e. proof of insurance, licenses etc.
  • Attach the completed OSH Assessment, signed Contractor Safety Rules (if required) and required documents to an email to your VenuesWest contact and click send.  
  • Your VenuesWest contact will then assess and either approve or not approve your submission.
  • You will be contacted by VenuesWest to inform you of the submission outcome. 


Please note a further sign on or face to face induction may be required at each venue.