All potential events contractors are required to demonstrate their ability to perform their work or provide their service in compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Events contractors are required to

  • Complete either a Minor Event Contractor OSH Assessment or a Major Event Contractor OSH assessment (your VenuesWest contact will advise you which assessment you need to complete)
  • Print and sign the Contractor Safety Rules
  • Review the VenuesWest Safety Presentation and submit the form at the bottom of this page.

Please make sure you have reviewed the information on the Contractor & Licensee OSH Requirements Overview page before completing these forms. 



Submitting your documents by email

To submit the documents to VenuesWest via email:

  • Print either the Minor Event Contractor OSH assessment or the Major Event Contractor OSH Assessment and the Contractor Safety Rules.
  • Complete the form and collect all required documentation i.e. proof of insurance, licenses etc.
  • Attach the completed Event Contractor OSH Assessment, signed Contractor Safety Rules and required documents to an email to your VenuesWest contact and click send.  
  • Your VenuesWest Contact will then assess and either approve or not approve your submission.
  • You will be contacted by VenuesWest to inform you of the submission outcome. 


Please note a further sign on or face to face induction may be required at each venue.