Running times

Public gates and box office opens 6:00pm
Kick off  7:00pm

Get your tickets

Online: visit Ticketmaster

By phone: Call 136 100

In person: at any Ticketmaster outlet

Seating plan

N140 N13 9 N138 N13 7 N136 N13 5 N134 E132 E128 E233 E232 E231 E230 E229 BBQ TERRA CE SOUTH MARQUEE 18 17 16 15 W101 W10 2 W10 3 W104 W105 GARETH NA VEN ROOM W2 07 W211 W210 W209 W208 HBF L OUNGE E228 E22 7 E226 E225 E22 4 EA ST OPEN BO XES EA ST OPEN BO XES E131 E130 E129 E12 7 E126 E125 E12 4 N133 GRASS BANK GA GE RO ADS SINGLE FIN SHED NORTH SUITES W106 W1 07 W108 W111 W112 W109 W110 W113 W114 W115 S116 S117 S118 S119 S120 S121 S122 S123 SOUTH WES T SUPER SUITE S217 S218 S219 S220 S221 S222 S223 WES T OPEN BO XES WES T SUITES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Roll your mouse over the seat blocks to get an idea of the view of the stage from that location.

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