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Celebrating #Rio2016...

VenuesWest congratulates all WA athletes who competed at Rio. We're proud to have helped support you on your journey and look forward to supporting you into the future. We wish all WA athletes preparing for the Rio Paralympics every success.


SpeedDome is Western Australia's only combined indoor cycling velodrome and rollersports complex. It is a world class track cycling venue and it regularly plays host to international teams including Australia, Britain and the Netherlands.

Like most modern velodromes it features steeply banked oval tracks, consisting of two 180-degree circular bends connected by two straights.

The 250m international standard timber cycling track was designed by German architect Ralph Shurrman and constructed under the supervision of UK velodrome specialist Ron Webb. High grade Siberian pine was chosen for its surface as well as its capability to bend in two directions.

Since opening to the public in November 1989, the SpeedDome has hosted numerous state, national and international events including the prestigious 1997 UCI World Track Cycling Championships.

Additional facilities include three media boxes, tenant and administration offices, competitors reception area plus competitor and officials change rooms. It was also built to provide both recreational cycling and rollerskating.


SpeedDome offers a range of facilities from corporate boxes for events to extensive facilities for large functions and exhibitions.
For more information contact (+61 8) 9250 6701.

Sporting Facilities

The SpeedDome has a multipurpose concrete floor used for inline hockey, figure and speed skating. A purpose-built kick boxing gymnasium is located underneath the cycling track. Accommodating 1,500 spectators in a fixed tiered seating with facilities available for up to 2,300 people. A fully serviced bar and canteen facility is located in the main foyer of the building. Additional facilities include three media boxes, tenant and administration offices, competitor's reception area and competitor and officials change rooms.

Please note that the venue will be closed for track repairs from Thursday 24 March, reopening Monday 11 April.





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Schools - Bike Education Experience

VenuesWest offers a Bike Education Experience suitable for students aged 10 - 17 years. For more information contact our Sport, Recreation, Education & Programs Department.

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